About Us

DeliverEat is an online food ordering & delivery company founded in 2012 by Penangites who wants to bring conveniences to hungry diners by providing the marvelous delivery service. Our mission is to provide reliable food delivery to diners and at the same time, assisting restaurants to manage their delivery manpower efficiently.

Throughout Delivereat’s years of serving patrons, we have established partnerships and business acquaintances with large chain outlets that you’re probably familiar with as a foodie, aren’t we all? Venture your heart out into the broad world of culinary wonders with your well known giants in the industries like Sushi King, Chili’s, Sakae Sushi, Morganfield’s, Nandos, Kenny Rogers and Roasters, Subway, Tealive, Yoshinoya and Hanamaru, and many more! We’re also no strangers to outlets of smaller scales as so don’t feel left out if you’re a foodie of a varied preference.

In the spirit of diversifying the food culture and the depth of culinary types of the world around, we’re also keen on ensuring that diners are given the exposure of diversification which allows everyone to have a catch and the enjoyment of the experience of trying something new or that’s out of the norm. As so we provide an array of culinary fields such as Chinese, Western, Fusion, Italian, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, Desserts, Pastries of all kinds, your local favorites like Mamak and a whole lot more. You name it!

Feel like going green or being a vegetarian is just who you are? Worry not, we’ve got you covered too with health based and vegetarian cuisine outlets. We’re here to ensure to cover diners of all kinds of culinary preferences and ensuring to the content of your hearts.

We as Delivereat also hold credit towards our amazing team of various backgrounds that are the backbone that ensures that our company propels into success and what to this today is to upkeep with the standards of customer satisfaction and relations with our operations team and our business development team that brings you all your available restaurants for picking.

Meals are delivered to diner’s doorstep with just a few simple clicks. DeliverEat allows diners to enjoy variety of food from more than 1500 restaurants at the comfort of their own premise hassle free!

Paying your food is also as flexible as you can want it to be, at Delivereat we hold no barriers against customers who insist on paying by cash. Not a fan of handling notes in your wallet, no problem, process your transactions with your credit or debit card.

In the norm of also enhancing user capabilities on the go, diners can also simply download our available application for free from the Google Playstore or the Appstore and use it to suite your convenience on a portable smartphone!

We also believe in the name of customer loyalty and giving back as our loyalty program ensures to reward customers in return for their consecutive and continuous support that has kept us on our feet and driven us more and more.

Now that’s convenience at your fingertips. Your tummy's satisfaction, is our top Priority. Our delivery services are available from 11am-9pm daily. For more info, please contact ask@delivereat.my. For immediate response, contact our friendly customer service department at (604) 6370488/89, (603) 27803883 from 10am - 9:30pm daily.

As beginning within our humble roots from Penang, we’re on the lookout and constantly undergoing plans to venture into new regions which serves our purpose to reach out to more diners just like you and to empower more people with enjoyment and capabilities of the food delivery line. Expect soon in time that we’ll be seeing more and more restaurants and familiar names under our service and as so we are with open arms welcoming you to join us along on our journey.

We welcome all feedbacks and we are committed to serving you with the best customer service.

Quick food quality feautures

Over 1500 Restaurants

We have over 1500 restaurant for you to choose from, including great restaurants like Nandos and Chilis.

Variety of Food Menu

A variety of cuisine and food item to choose from, such as Italian, Japanese, Western, and many more. There are also option to pick beverages or vegetarian cuisine.


We will deliver your food right to your doorstep within one hour of ordering.

Mobile support

You can download our app from Google Playstore and the App Store to have a quicker access.

Cash payment

You have the option to pay via cash, which you can pay when the food arrived at your doorstep.

Secure card payment

We also accept online card payment, such as Credit Card (VISA & Master), Maybank2U, Alliance Online, RHB, Hong Leong Online, FPX, Mobile Money, CIMB Click, Web Cash, MEPS Cash.


"Will definately order again in the future as the website is user friendly during order process & the crew is very fast in delivering the food within time frame as promised after ordering."- Kel Vyn Lim

"Food is delivered promptly within the promised an hour time frame though it's jam outside. This is better than any pizza delivery service. In addition, the food is delivered right to our doorstep even though access card is needed for my condo life service. This means that the crew took the liberty to get the access from the security guard ... something that Tesco online has never even done before. Gesture is much appreciated :-)" - Serena Kuan